We are thrilled to announce that SEOwhizz is now officially awarded a Certified Google Partner status, which marks a great milestone for us.


What were the requirements?

In order to achieve the status of Certified Google Partner, an advanced understanding and knowledge of Google AdWords is required. In addition to this, it is also required to have excellent performing Ad campaigns with high ROI in Google AdWords along with clearing Google AdWords exams and have a 90 days spend of more than 10K USD in your MCC account.

What helped us to achieve “Google Partner” status?

  • We have been actively planning, creating, optimizing and managing the AdWords accounts/campaigns.
  •  We always follow best practices and guidelines of Google AdWords to produce outstanding results for our clients
  •  We believe in continuous learning and our team stay updated with latest AdWords strategies for the clients’ accounts that we manage.
  •  We have demonstrated a high level of proficiency with Google’s paid advertising.


A Big Thanks to Our Clients and Team

This great achievement could not be witnessed without our valuable clients who showed their continued trust in us. We would like to thank all our long-time clients and those who recently became a part of our client base for their constant unvacillating support. Last, but not the least we would also like to thank the entire team of SEOwhizz for making our dream a reality. Without our clients and team, we wouldn’t have achieved this.

We at SEOwhizz aim to deliver the best solutions and high ROI to all our clients. We are committed to quality, integrity and excellence. We have a dedicated team of experts on whom you can rely on for your online marketing and web presence.
We are very happy to successfully meet the criteria to become a Certified Google Partner.
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