SprintRise is based in Mohali, India. As you might have read in our Services section, we provide Website Designing, Development, Digital Marketing and Mobile Application Development Services to Nation as well as Worldwide Clients. The Policies mentioned further are applicable to all the communication done between Team SprintRise and You as a client.

Types of Data That We Collect From You

Generally, while you communicate with us, we gather two types of information from you:

  1. Information obtained directly – This information is the one that is obtained only with your consent. These can be the contact details that you mention in the Contact Us Form; in any form of Support related communication that you do with our team; and the details you enter while applying for a job at SprintRise. Undoubtedly, you are not obliged to provide us all the details, but if you do not do so, it may hamper the range of services and products that can be offered to you.
  2. Information obtained indirectly – Apart from direct details that we fetch from you, we also get added details without you being aware. These are generally the IP address of your device; the type of device that you are using; the source from which you landed onto our website; different pages on our website that you are using; and the overall time you are spending on our website. Most of this information is fetched in the form of cookies just in order to analyze how well our website is performing, and the ways we can use to further improve our website’s performance.

More About Information That We Collect From You

With SprintRise, you can rest assured that whatever information we receive from you will not be shared with any third party, without prior consent from you. Mostly, when you connect with us or request quote, we fetch some details from you namely domain that you are using; date & time of access; your email address; phone number; name; source from which you landed onto our website; and project type.
Apart from this, if you are subscribed to our Blog, we use your email id to send you the notifications regarding our newest Blog Post. Moreover, if you contact us via Email, we use your email id to respond to your query. All in all, you need not worry that your details will be used without your permission!
Our sole purpose behind fetching this information is to get detailed information about the visitors on our website; what information is least and most liked by them; and other technicalities that we can use to improve the performance of our website over the time. Our purpose is to provide the best experience to the viewers, or we should say probable Clients, who end up being on our site.
If you are, in any case, not happy with the way we are using your details, you can drop us a message on and we will process your request in no time.