Growth hacking all about using technology in the marketing. Growth hacking has become essential for organizations and startups. Things that you will do and track related to web page design, purchase process, website analytics, SEO, landing pages, emails that you can repeat with A/B testing fall under growth hacking only. The ultimate goal of any business is to get rapid, viral and affordable customer growth.

Growth hacking strategies can resolve issues of acquisition, activation, retention, referral and revenue. It
can reduce the cost per lead in paid advertising, increase conversions, encourage users to share your
content further and improve the quality of leads.

We know that growth hacking has become must for every marketer, but which Hacks will help you increase website traffic? So, we are sharing five ways of growth hacking that will help you get traffic for your website in creative ways. Take a look:


1. Keep your homepage minimal

Visit Dropbox or Basecamp; you will see that they have very basic homepages. Such landing pages are very efficient to generate sign-ups. In the past, The Hoth ran a test in which they used two homepages- one was minimal while the other one was not. After 30 days, they concluded that the minimal homepage generated ten times higher sign-ups than the other one.


2. Offer free stuff to capture users’ emails

Many SEO Tools offer free information in exchange for user’s details such as their name, email. Users provide their details and get an automated report on their website’s SEO status. This way, the company gets plenty of leads by just sharing free information.

If you don’t have any tool to offer, then you can always provide free resources such as eBooks, videos, or webinars showcasing your industry expertise. Do experiment with the material to see what works best for you. Once you have the email addresses of users, you can reach out to them with your offerings.


3. Create engaging landing pages

Landing pages are critical to generating traffic and conversions. They are the entry points to your website. According to HubSpot, companies that use 10-15 landing pages are expected to get 55% more sign-ups. Make sure you use unique content on each landing page. You can use different offers to target different segments of customers


4. Use paid ads to test headlines and images

Testing landing pages can be difficult as you may not get valuable data as to what pieces of content liked by the users. Hence, use paid ads. Use different headlines and images for paid ads. You can try AdWords and Facebook Paid Ads to see the demographics of your audience.


5. Remove navigation links from landing pages

Having navigation links on your landing pages distract users from your call-to- action. The visitor can stay focused on the information visible on the page. He will either take action or exit your website. If you have an impressive landing page with a clear message, chances are people will take action.

Growth hacking has become a highly demanded discipline for businesses. It is high time to choose the right growth hacking strategies to grow your business.